No management fees - invented in 1956

Oliva Partners is an investment fund cloning the philosophy and fee structure of the original Warren Buffett partnerships.

In 1956, legendary investor Warren Buffett formed his first investment partnership with a few simple ideas:  

First, investment performance that is about average when the market is up, and above-average when the market is down, will, over the long-term, deliver superior returns.  (We think he was right on this point).


Second, partners should only pay their money managers for performance.  Thus, the original Buffett partnerships did not have a management fee. (We wouldn’t pay for underperformance – why should you?)


Agreeing with these two principles, Zachary Oliva founded Oliva Partners Management LLC, which manages Funds that clone the philosophy and fee structure of Buffett’s original partnerships.  Our Funds invest for the long-term in public equities that we believe to be undervalued.  We are driven to compound capital at an above-average rate of return.


Oliva Partners is open to outside investment by like-minded Partners.  Interested parties may request information below.   

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